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Vashikaran Specialists Aghori Baba

Vashikaran Specialists Aghori Baba

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Tantric Baba Phone Number +91-9785624274

Tantric Baba Phone Number

Tantric Baba Phone Number

In our life, we all face hard times. Sometimes, we don’t know what to do. We look for answers. Some of us think of talking to someone wise, someone who knows more about life. This is why many people look for a “Tantric Baba Phone Number.”

Voodoo is a Greek word means the thing which is made by wooden. In India voodoo spells is used for taking Revenge from anybody. In the process you voodoo spell our Vashikaran Specialist attach the Spirit Energy to the voodoo doll. It is very horrible and painful, in such situation voodoo becomes the prototype of the real man and when anybody harm voodoo the attached man get harmed.

Tantric Baba Phone Number +91-9785624274It is very dangerous do not try this without any expert supervision, Our Vashikaran Voodoo Spells Specialist have 15 years of experience and they known as Voodoo Spells Specialist in this world.

What is the knowledge of Tantra Shastra, know 6 secrets…

Tantra is first mentioned in Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. There is controversy over the meaning of the word tantra. So we do not deal with the question of its meaning, its antiquity and its history. Here, by connecting with the Tantriks, understand the prevailing meaning or feeling of Tantra only. Actually the word tantra is similar to the word yoga, just as yoga is put before every kind of philosophy, in the same way tantra too. For example, Sankhya Yoga can also be called Sankhya Tantra. You can think of tantra as the word principle. Tantra has nothing to do with meat, alcohol and sexual intercourse, a person who indulges in such heinous deeds can never become a tantric. Tantra has been maligned by such people.

Tantra is a mystical science. Along with Hinduism, this knowledge is prevalent in Buddhism and Jainism as well. Tantra is basically associated with Shaivism Agama scriptures, but its origin is found in Atharvaveda. Tantra Shastra is divided into 3 parts namely Agama Tantra, Yamal Tantra and Main Tantra. There are different types of mantras and worship of Tantra Shastra. Come let us know what is the Tantra Path…

Tantra and weapons: Through Tantra Vidya, a person can develop his self-power and be endowed with many types of powers. That is the purpose of the system. In ancient times, deadly types of weapons were made through tantra, such as Pashupatastra, Nagpasha, Brahmastra etc. In the same way, hypnosis, Tratak, Trikal, Indrajaal, Para, Apara and Prana Vidya have been born from Tantra itself. Similarly, changing from human to animal, disappearing, making 5-5 forms together, crossing the ocean, lifting huge mountains, seeing and talking to a person who is millions of miles away, all these things are due to the mechanism. are only possible.

Tantra Tradition: The first preacher of Tantra is Lord Shankar and then Lord Dattatreya. Later 84 Siddha, Yogi, Shakta and Nath traditions have been prevalent. It is necessary to mention Guru Gorakhnath and Navnath in this tradition. Gorakhnath’s Guru Matsyendranath. Here the names of thousands of such Tantriks can be counted who took Tantra to a new height and found new ways to attain Siddhi and Moksha.

Tantra Science – In which instead of instruments, the electrical power living in the human space is made with such a characteristic that the subtle atoms from nature are transformed into the same condition in which man wants. The great work of creation, transformation and destruction of substances can be done by the system without the help of any machines. This Tantra part of science is called ‘Savitri Vigyan’ by the names of Tantra-Sadhana, Vammarga etc. In the five types of sadhna described in Tantra-shastra, mudra instrument is of great importance and the best. Mudra includes all the activities of yoga like asana, pranayama, meditation etc.

antra Sadhanas: There is also a tantra side to every kind of sadhana. Adinath, the author and speaker of Tantra Shastra, is said to be Lord Shiva, in some form or the other, all Hindu societies believe in this belief. Although some people agree with this. Apart from this, Bhairav, Veer, Yaksha, Gandharva, Serpent, Kinnar, Vidyadhar, ten Mahavidyas, Pishachini, Yogini, Yakshinis etc. are all tantric goddesses and deities. It has been seen that many tantriks have siddhis such as Masan, Victim, Bhairav, Chhaya, Purush, greater than, Brahmarakshas, ​​Vetal, Karna-Vampire, Tripuri-Sundari, Kalratri, Durga etc. But we do not know to what extent this is true.

How are Tantra Sadhanas: There are six Tantric Shata Karmas in Tantra Sadhana named Shanti Karma, Vashikaran, Erectile Dysfunction, Vidveshan, Uchtan and Maran. Apart from this, nine experiments are described: – Maran, Mohanam, Stamnam, Vidveshan, Utchatan, Vashikaran, Attraction, Yakshini Sadhana, These are the nine experiments of Rasayana Kriya Tantra. To do all the above, many other types of deities are worshipped. For this, Aghori people do Shiva Sadhana, Shav Sadhana and cremation. Many people do Bhairav ​​Sadhana, Snake Sadhana, Paishachini Sadhana, Yakshini Sadhana or Rudra Sadhana.

However it also has a low level. For example, through this knowledge, one has to pacify the maniacal ghosts, malefic planets, bad days, abusive behavior inspired by someone, mental agitation etc. The treatment of physical diseases, the sight of snakes, scorpions etc. and the solution of toxic boils are also claimed to be done by Tantra. But scholars are of the opinion that the basic purpose of tantric practice is to achieve realization with siddhi. For this, sadhanas are done by being introverted. Tantric sadhna is generally said to have three paths – Vam Marg, Dakshin Marg and Middle Marg.

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